Opens Minds and Doors
开启智慧 打开未来之门

Opens Minds and Doors
开启智慧 打开未来之门


BAWP Youth Camp Online Registration
NCPA choir students travel to Luxembourg
Course selection documents for 2016-17 now available
Music Technology Students Create Documentaries
NCPA's first senior class reaches 32 early action acceptances - and counting
Students celebrate the new year with a three day festival of Chinese culture
NCPA students represent 10 different countries at MUN conferences
New Year's Concert held at Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou
Boys' basketball comes home with a championship from the Pearl River Conference tournament
Visiting authors bring out the creative side of NCPA students
Grade 8 debates current issues for their English humanities class

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Welcome to NCPA!

Welcome to our school community! Nansha College Preparatory Academy (NCPA) is perhaps the most unique school in China. Our school blends the very best elements of China and America together with the most innovative education practices of the 21st Century. Our goal at NCPA is to prepare our students for college and for the life they will lead after college.

The NCPA experience begins with a rigorous academic program where students are challenged and excited by what they learn. Learning is at the heart of everything we do at NCPA. Our philosophy of learning includes social, emotional, physical and character education as well. We believe this holistic approach to education is essential to the future success of your child.

NCPA’s groundbreaking English immersion program is an extension of our commitment to holistic education. Every aspect of a student’s life at NCPA is focused on building English literacy. The goal is for every graduate of NCPA to be successful scholars in both Chinese and English.

The quality of our program is most evident by the quality of our NCPA faculty. Our teachers have been recruited from all over the world from some of the best schools. They are experienced educators, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they teach, and absolutely committed to your child’s learning. Members of our faculty are not just skilled teachers; they are also expert learners who model good learning habits for their students. Everyone here at NCPA is a member of a learning community.

Dr. Dick Moore