Sarah Boulware, Grades 11-12 Social Studies & MUN:

“My husband and I joined the school as “pioneers,” the original team at the school.  Since that time we have watched both the school and the city grow up around us.  Growth is not only evident in the students, but in our lives, as well, as we have embraced the challenge of living in a new country and working in an exciting new school environment.  I joined the school to help foster a Model United Nations program.  We now host the South China Model United Nations conference at NCPA, helping to further incorporate the school ideals of Negotiating, Collaborating, Planning and Achieving into the student experience.   

Since moving here we have confirmed that the benefits of life in Nansha are numerous and unique to this area.  For example we live in a quiet, beautiful suburban green area with parks, golf course, yacht club, and part of the Green Way bicycling route.  However, we also are just an hour away from Guangzhou, one of the largest cities in China, and across from the school is the ferry directly to Hong Kong.” 

Haley Burns, Grade 8 Humanities:

“I am continuously impressed by the students at NCPA. The perseverance and dedication they bring into the classroom each day is inspiring. They are language learners, and they must overcome daily challenges in order to succeed inside and out of the classrooms here. However, the students are very resourceful and strive for excellence in all that they do.

I have been equally impressed with NCPA’s dedication to establish a community in which language learners of all levels can be successful. The expert advice and trainings teachers and staff receive is valuable from unit planning all the way to daily implementation of lessons. NCPA recognizes the challenges of teaching language learners and offers support to help us grow professionally. NCPA has given me tools and resources that I will continue to use for the rest of my teaching career, no matter the demographic.”

Matt Wolodzko, Grade 11 Math:

“To describe how wonderful of an experience NCPA has been is nearly impossible. The integrity of our family remains true to providing an optimal learning environment, which is based on, rigorous and relentless implementation of the best practices stemming from scientifically grounded research. This permeates not only the classrooms but to all aspects of the NCPA community.

The sincere mission of a holistic education creates a safe and secure environment, which is the foundation allowing our faculty and student body alike to take the necessary risks to become highly successful in a wide array of aspirations. This growth mindset has re-invigorated my passion for mathematics, holistic education, creativity, and dreams for education reform on a grander scale.”