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All NCPA students are welcome to join the University of Waterloo (UW) Mathematics Contests. The UW mathematics contests are designed and administered by a department, CEMC (Center for Education and Mathematics and Computing at UW). Each year thousands of students across the globe participate in these prestigious contests.

Last year our wonderful group of students participated in each grade level (7 – 12) and earned several distinction awards and medals.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Math Olympiad Team as a presenter and as a participant to prepare for the UW math contests. This team meets twice a week to tackle complex mathematics problems during after school activity hours.



我们鼓励学生作为主导者和参加者参与到数学奥林匹克的团队来为滑铁卢大学数学竞赛作准备。 这团队作为课后活动(ASA)一周两次进行解决复杂的数学问题。


Learn more about competitions hosted at NCPA:


University of Waterloo Mathematics Contests – visit site (


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